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Bird Skull Knob antique silver finish

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $20.00

I was really surprised when a client ordered 19 of these.  This is her feedback

"Absolutely incredible! I am so in love with these knobs! I just put them on my dresser and will send you a picture. They look amazing. Thanks again!"      pinkcupcake9 

These quality cast metal bird skulls are finished in a permanent silver plate. They are cast in small amounts here in NYC and hand finished by me. I built a few and used them at my place to test the design.

I use new drawer pull hardware. The length of the screw is 1 1/2 cm or almost 3/4 inch. The screw is a standard drawer pull diameter. In most cases the existing hole in your drawer or cupboard will work fine.

The bird skull itself is 3 1/2 cm from head to beak tip and 2cm wide (1 1/2 long and 1/2 inch wide). They look just great on a cupboard or cabinet. They are real sturdy and comfortable on the hand. I find myself opening the cabinet door with a finger under the bird's bill.

Having sold over a 1,000 pieces of this hardware I have yet to have any come back for repair.

I think we have a winner!  Of course I use them in my own house as well.

I chose to not angle the birds bill sticking out at you because lets face it pointy things can be dangerous especially when you are walking past a set of drawers at night.

Want to make a bulk order?  Ask me about discounts.

Want a different color?  Also available in antique gold and gun metal.

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