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   I ship out of the studio here in Lower Manhattan using the US Postal Service.

Orders within the US are sent via US First Class Mail with a tracking number.  Once your order is sent out you will receive an email let you know it's on the way.  US customers may simply plug the tracking number into " for updates and details as to where the package is in the system.

International customers : Orders depending on the value will go US First Class. The tracking number will only verify that the package left the US and is in your country's postal system. You will receive an email that your package is on the way.  There is no tracking beyond that UNLESS you opt to pay $38 for US Express Mail with tracking. I encourage this as it protects us both against loss and theft. For countries where I have had plenty of problems, Mexico, Italy, Brazil and others I may insist on Express depending on the value of the order. 

This is the link to track your order :

 All that said with thousands of sales under my belt I have to say it is only occasionally that something goes truly missing. 

Please be aware that your country may  charge an import tax on your order. I don't falsify customs documents and mark things as a "gift".

My job is not done until you have received your order and you are happy. I am here to help if you need me.

Ring sizing. " Measure twice and cut once " as they say. So guessing about your ring size is not a good idea. Please be sure. I check the sizing twice before a piece goes out. If I make a mistake I can re do the piece. If you make a mistake and it has to be redone the base price is an extra $25 for the reworking. If there is engraving or stones it goes up from there. Please be careful.

 Returns : Ok maybe it didn't fit or perhaps you don't like it. I accept returns and exchanges of course. Please notify me that you will be sending your piece(s) back within four days of receipt. If you have questions please use the email address above.

Write me a quick note with what is to be done to include in the return package. Is it a return or would you like another size ect?  Please include your name, address and email. Send it back to : 

Blue Bayer Design 

PO BOX 20213

NY NY 10009

PO BOX 20213 New York City, NY 10009 United States

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