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Raven Skull Ring in Recycled Sterling SIlver

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $160.00

Cast in NYC with 100% recycled sterling. 

This silver raven skull is cast on a persimmon tree bark ring band. The ring band is a generous 1/2 inch wide. 

As usual I wore one of these rings for a week before giving it the green light. Even my clients in town who don't usually like adjustable rings like the feel of this one. It's really comfortable and quite beautiful if I do say so myself.

This ring does come in a velvet line professional presentation ring box. It's suitable as an engagement ring. (You know who you are out there...)

*This ring is self adjustable, but leave a note of your size in the personal comments at checkout and I would love to adjust it for you.

We had a crazy amount of rain in Tennessee last spring and when it let up I was out looking for tidbits. I noticed the bark on the standing deadwood was just peeling off.
There was an old persimmon tree that I had gotten fruit from over the years that had died a while back. I carefully peeled a big section of the bark and managed to get it back here to the studio in New York in one piece. The rest is a trade secret.

The old time people say that a persimmon seed cut in half can predict what kind of winter it will be. If the inside is spoon shaped there will be a lot of snow. If it is knife shaped bitter cold and a fork shape means a light dusting of snow but mild.

It is really exciting to be getting some international press interested in my work. I feel like I skipped a step and went right into a European high gloss fashion magazine.

Here is a link to that shoot :

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