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Hummingbird Skull Necklace, 14k Solid Rose-Gold and solid 14k chain

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $400.00

"The adorable hummingbird skull is nestled in his special place of honor in my jewel box and worn with awe! We can't take our eyes off him! Thank you will all my heart, this little one is so happy in his new comfy home! He is admired and a treasured piece of artistry through all time!"

-Customer Review

This tiny delicate and beautiful piece is cast in pure 14k rose-gold. They are cast two at a time here in NYC. I finish each one personally by hand.

This listing includes a matching 14k rose gold 18-inch chain.

I had been trying for years to get a hummingbird skull and then one afternoon, at my studio in the Tennessee mountains, my cat killed two!! Later, some Do-Gooder (beware of them) threw the little skulls away while he was cleaning! Years later, here in the middle of Gotham, my friend busts out a hummingbird skull and asks: "Could you do something with this?" I was floored! I took it to one of the last casting houses in NYC and made a mold. The silver cast was perfect.

 I was always fascinated by watching hummingbirds flutter around my garden in my studio in Tennessee. Their peaceful movements and delicate bone structure always put me in a creative trance. One day a friend stopped by my studio in New York City and presented me an intact skull of a hummingbird. I immediately rushed to one of the last casting houses in the city and had a mold made to be casted in different materials. The finish product was so perfect. It captured the elegant nature of this tiny powerful creature.





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