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Small Black Bird Skull

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $30.00

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Customer satisfaction is paramount to "billyblue22" he surpasses all experiences and expectations truly. not to mention his craftsmanship of the bird skulls is phenomenal. these days where internet shopping not only common but scary (cause the picture doesn't always look like the item, the bird skulls are nothing short of a fabulous piece of art! i had been hunting for this for some time now and everything i came across had that something extra missing preventing it from being awesome but when you see "billyblue22's" skull he has perfected it! i highly recommend him and his pieces!

pree7733 6.15.2009

I would say that this was INSPIRED by the Harry Potter movie except for the fact I was making these before the movie came out. I don't think they copied me but if so they did a great job lol

This small song bird skull is cast from solid lead free German Silver or as it commonly known, white metal. It is the metal of choice for the fashion jewelry trade here in NYC and around the world. I like it because it has weight to it without being clunky and it is easy for you to polish at home.
It's a bit more difficult to cast than pewter because of the higher melting point. It's worth it.

This piece comes on a 24 inch gun metal black matching chain with clasps. I have them special made to go with this piece. 

Please tell me if the is another chain you prefer when you check out. You may also choose a black linen cord. Again I don't skimp. It's 1st quality.

The 18k gold plate and silver plated versions are now in stock. Please see those listings as well. 

I also cast this skull in Sterling Silver, Bronze, and Brass
Please have a look in my store for these options.

I wrap each piece in colored tissue paper and gift box all my pieces to honor them and our trade together. 

Beware the pitfalls. This piece is metal. Not Plastic.

Be aware that there are people out there who will tell you their pieces are "cold cast". That is a way of avoiding telling you they are plastic. Those pieces feel like plastic. Those pieces look like plastic. Plastic is oil. When someone touches the piece around your neck and feels the weight of it they will only ask you what it's made of if it doesn't feel right. Go with metal. It feels right.

LOOK : I have several other types of skulls listed and I am adding more all the time please have a look in my shop. Favorite me so you can find me again.

All of my cast pieces were designed, cast and finished here.
We are working together to foster the local small scale economy of people who make things. We strive to thrive. 

About the skull:

Serene was walking the dogs up in the Adirondacks a few years back. It was spring and they found a deer skull with the antlers mostly chewed down by porcupines. They being dogs did what they do and tossed the skull about stirring up the leaves. She let them play and noticed something white poking up out of the leaves that didn't look like part of the deer skull. It was a bird skull.
Now those of you who like me have been pickin and poking through the woods for years know the odds of this. I have had some really nice finds. I have never found a bird skull.
I was so pleased when she decided to pass it along.

"Blue!" Keith the wax carver says. " Der ain't noooo way dat shkull is gonna keeyast." " Aw come'on you can cast anything" I say. " It's too thin! there's not likea milimeta theya."
"Biker Steve says it just needs beefed up with a little wax in the thin spots" I retort. " Steve said that?" he eyes me dubiously, one thick Irish eyebrow. " Yeah he did." I said pointedly.

This piece took a month. When it came out of the mold I knew we really had something.
The bail in the back is cast as part of the piece so it is really sturdy. Also we made it wide enough to part any kind of chain or cord through it. Your ancestors will be digging it up from the ruins. It's not plastic.

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