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Three eyed Raven Ring in blackened sterling silver

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $100.00

 This raven ring is an original piece from Blue Bayer Design NYC. The raven's head and the ring were carved in wax here and cast in Sterling Silver.  I blacken each ring by hand. The whole process is done in NYC. 
The scale of this piece is really nice. The raven is right at an inch long. This piece is a departure from the skull series and a venture into a new realm. 

  About sizing : I have decided to offer this piece in sizes 4 to 12. The original is a size 7 and I can add or remove wax to make it your size including half sizes.

Here is a good link for figuring out your ring size :

Here is a link for converting your EU and other country's ring sizes to US sizes

This ring is made to order. Please allow two weeks for it to be mailed out. Often it's faster than that but I like some breathing room in case something doesn't cast just so.

If you are into history as I am you might really be interested by this article on ravens and their cultural significance through the ages :

The raven was a common device used by the Vikings. Ragnar Lodbrok had a raven banner called Reafan, embroidered with the device of a raven. It was said that if this banner fluttered, Lodbrok would carry the day, but if it hung lifeless the battle would be lost. King Harald Hardrada also had a raven banner, called Landeythan (land-waster). The bird also appears in the folklore of the Isle of Man, a former Viking colony, and it is used as a symbol on their coat of arms.

The Celts believed that Crow was an omen of death and conflict. She was associated with death transitions. Another belief was that the birds were faeries who shape-shifted to cause troubles. Magickal qualities included bringing knowledge, shape-shifting, eloquence, prophecy, boldness, skill, knowledge, cunning, trickery and thievery.

In the Middle Ages, people believed that sorcerers and witches used the symbol of Crow’s foot to cast death spells.

In most of England, seeing a solitary crow meant anger, but in Northamptonshire, it meant ill fortune. Crow, cawing in a hoarse voice, meant bad weather. A death omen was a crow cawing thrice as it flew over a house. The Irish believed that Crow flocking in trees, but not nesting were souls from Purgatory. Finding a dead crow was a sign of good fortune. Russians believed that witches took the shape of Crow.

About shipping. I don't make a profit from shipping. The cost is for 1st class postage and the envelope. East Coast customer get their piece in 2 or 3 days. West coast 3 or 4.

International shipping is not a problem. It seems to take about a week for pieces to arrive safely in Europe. International pieces are sent 1st class mail.

Thanks for looking and please mark me as a favorite seller so that you can find me again. Cyber bread crumbs! Please do come back because I will be posting more of my work each week. Blue

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