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Solid Bronze Wolf Skull Necklace

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $95.00

 This gray wolf skull is an original carving cast in bronze. It measures 1 3/4 long. The skull is completely accurate down to the teeth and the fissures in the skull. The jaw opens and closes smoothly. 

This piece was designed, carved, cast, bench worked, and polished here in NYC. The goal here is to support the people who support me. There are a whole lot of people behind this piece. When you buy one you create work here. 

So much of our jewelry casting has moved overseas that we were losing our businesses. People like you, buying from individual artists have made it possible for us to survive and move forward. One on one online jewelry sales has turned the tide. 

All the rousing speeches aside : nice piece huh? 

I was reading Tom Spanbauer's Now is The Hour about New York in the 80's and was interested to find that the native people (Lenape) had called this lower part of Manhatta, The Wolf Swamp. It's perfect. 

This piece comes carefully wrapped in gift tissue and in a gold foil box. I include a business card with a link to my website which has info, press, pictures, and video of me at work.

Impressed with the fantastic art direction and the photography? So am I. He is a wizard. (or a witch)

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