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The Goat Ring

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $60.00

This completely original goat ring was hand carved in NYC. It is cast in recycled white bronze ( jeweler's bronze with silver added).

The horns are set to ride above your finger.  It's one solid piece and will last for hundreds of years.

The Goat Ring is also available in a black bronze and black sterling.

I used to milk a herd of goats on the mountain. We had Toggenburgs and Nubians. This ring is a Nubian. I find them sweeter and the milk fat content is richer. It makes better cheese in my opinion. Milking goats is wonderful even at 3 below zero.

The persimmon tree bark band is a cast of some bark I collected from my land in Tennessee. That tree gave wonderful fruit for many years. When it passed on I wanted to have a remembrance to share. 

Specs : The goat is 20mm from ear to ear (just under an inch wide) From horn tip to nose 28.2 mm (just over a inch)
The band is 5.5mm wide (.23 inch) and 2.1 mm thick (.09 inches)

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