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Octopus Ring Antique Silver Finish

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $42.00

This ring is adjustable.

 The octopus series is inspired by my interaction I had living on a sail boat in the Florida Keys and exploring the tide pools in the back country. More than once the game would end with me getting ink in my eye

  I continued to research on such a fascinating sea creature and discovered attributes information that opened the creative flood gates. Such as their hunting behavior, intelligence and amazing capabilities they achieve under the sea. I also discovered myths that inspired the creation of each piece.

 The Hawaiian creation myth relates that the present cosmos is only the last of a series, having arisen in stages from the wreck of the previous universe. In this account, the octopus is the lone survivor of the previous, alien universe. Also told, Kanaloa,  the Hawaiian Creator, is also the god of the underworld, who can teach magic. He appears in the shape of an octopus.



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