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The Skull Spider

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $45.00

This piece is a strange one, but then again, so are you I'm guessing.

The spider is 1/2 long and is cast in NYC.  You have the choice of a white bronze pendant on a silver plated chain, (in 18", 24" or 36" inch lengths) OR cast in bronze on a black or bronze chain (in 18", 24" or 36" inch lengths).

"Arachnophobia" comes from the Greek words, "arachne", meaning "spider", and "phobos", meaning "a fear".  Arachne, as Greek legend tells, was a beautiful maiden, she studied weaving under Athena, and had extraordinary skill. When her skills were later recognized, she denied any training given by Athena.   Athena turned herself into a bitter, old lady. She approached Arachne, and tricked her into a weaving contest.  Arachne wove portraits of the gods performing evil deeds.  Athena and Arachne finished their weaving in an extremely short amount of time, but Arachne's work was much finer than Athena's.  Athena was furious that a mere mortal had beaten her in a weaving contest and had portrayed the gods in a disrespectful way.  Overcome with rage, she beat Arachne to the ground.  Arachne was so upset, she hanged herself.  Athena realized what she had done, regretted her actions, and sprinkled a magic liquid onto Arachne, turning her into a spider, so she could keep her weaving skills.


This piece is protected under US copyright law and was first released in October 2010. Blue Bayer Design NYC


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