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Skull Knob in solid metal antique gold finish made in NYC

by Blue Bayer Design NYC
Price $20.00

These very nicely cast metal skulls are pirated from my day above dirt ring. The skull is an original hand carved original. The knobs are finished in a permanent gold. I also offer this in an antique silver finish.  They are cast in solid pewter in small amounts here in NYC and hand finished by me. I built a few and used them at my place to test the design.

I use new drawer pull hardware. The length of the screw is 1 1/2 cm or almost 3/4 inch. The screw is a standard drawer pull diameter. In most cases the existing hole in your drawer or cupboard will work fine.

The skull itself is 1 inch long and .8 of an inch wide. 25mm X 19mm. They look just great on a cupboard, cabinet or drawer. I didn't do these on the cheap they are solid metal. They are real sturdy and comfortable on the hand.

The metal hardware is hard soldered into the receiver hole and then the whole piece is plated.

Metal : solid lead free pewter. Professionally electroplated.

Spending $20 on a knob? Yes. Because if were a necklace you would think that's a great price. It's jewelry for your house. Your place likes when you dress it up a bit. You look at it everyday. When you move they come with you. Oh and they never need a software update.


There is a 10% discount when you buy 10 or more. I will refund you that when I accept the order.

I can cast these for you in solid brass or bronze in yellow or white for $40 a pull. I have the mold for it. It takes a couple weeks but I'm happy to make you a special listing.

Having sold close to 1000 pieces of cabinet hardware in the past few years and having yet to have any come back for repair I think we have a winner. Of course I use them in my own house as well.

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