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'Roll The Dice!' Ring with moving dice.

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $140.00

Here is an original idea. The solid silver dice on this piece actually roll. The ring is made to size here in NYC.

The specs : 

The dice are 5.6mm. Each die contains numbers 1,2,5,6. So you can roll a Yo 11 and easy 8 ect. or you can crap out. You can't win em all. The dice spin smoothly on a thick silver rod set into the ring.

The ring measures 19mm across the top and the dice sit 8mm off the top of your finger. It's not too tall, so it's comfortable. The band is a full 1.4mm thick ( not skimpy ) and the 3.8mm wide at the thinnest spot.

There are two skulls. One on each side of the ring and two fleurs-de-lis.

I have been gambling since I was probably 12. I can thank the Catholic Church for that. Once a year " to raise money for the church " there would be a special permit issued and the basement of my elementary/ middle school would turn into a real casino. An outfit ( with mob connections it was whispered ) would come in to run it. Some of the Irish guys would deal blackjack. I'd sit and watch the craps table. It was the most exciting.

Years later in Las Vegas I played craps for the first time. I was clueless but the guys around me were really cool and offered advise. I started to win. I was hot and the table filled up. I was up thousands when the pit boss came over. He asked the craps dealer how many rolls I had made without a 7 ( crap out ) I had rolled 16 in a row. " Is this your first time ? " He asked. I told him it was. He relaxed to said I should win all I could. Turns out that a new comer beats the odds of rolling a 7 because his style is erratic. The guys clapped me on the back and suggested I bet bigger. It was a great time and I did really well as did they. But I had a plane to catch.

I was running on the sort of high that you only get from a few things in this life.I hate to say it but love being one of them. I was swimming in it, so much so that I was told I had missed the last flight to New York and I was about to go back to the casino. I then sort of came to and sheepishly had to admit to the lady at the check in counter that I was actually flying back to Ft. Lauderdale. " How much did you win sweet heart ? " she asked knowingly. " It's that obvious huh? " " Um hmm. Hon " You best come sit here in the lounge and have a drink. You need to come down a little. "
I still shoot craps on the sidewalk here in Alphabet city....... sometimes.

Copyright 2012 Blue Bayer Design NYC Copyright on file with The US Copyright Office.


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