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American Crow Skull Necklace 14k gold plated

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $52.00
This is a life-cast of an American crow skull, plated in 14k gold, and strung on an awesome chain.
It's a 24" 1980's-style gold-plated thick twisted rope chain.
The chain passes through naturally occurring holes in the base of the skull. This piece is big and heavy.

Specs : 3.11 inches long (79.2mm) and 1.18 inches wide (30mm)

This piece was worn by award winning musician Tim William at a red carpet event here in NYC. He's really tall.

I like taking images of pieces I see people wearing around the city and twisting it. Every third kid on the Ave is wearing some huge rhinestone spoof of the over sized real gold pieces from the 80's (think: New Jack City). They gawk when I rock one of these big bird skulls. They really really want to ask if it solid gold.


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