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Asian Fruit Bat Skull

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $40.00

This bat skull is an original casting of an Asian fruit bat. It is cast here in NYC in solid bronze.
The skull measures 1 and 3/8 inches long and an inch wide.
It comes on a nice 24 inch chain.

I was laying in bed at the cabin in Tennessee this fall and I always keep the windows on the second story open. The sun was just turning the sky a little pink when my new room mate swooped quietly in through the window. He hung upside down from the rafter not quite above my bed. I was glad I was alone so I didn't have to explain that this is perfectly normal.
My neighbor Goat (that's his name) used to light a lantern in the upstairs room during moth season. He would play Ride of The Valkyries and watch the bats feast.
So I wasn't too surprised to find he had six bat roomies. He had even put a kitty litter tray below them to catch the guano which is great for the garden.

Also available in White Bronze.

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