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Double Faced Skeleton Key Pendant in antique silver

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $30.00

The skull on this key is double-faced so it's ALWAYS facing out and staring you down! The original key was a Victorian-era cabinet key. It is made here in New York City and measures 2.5" long.This piece comes on a 24 inch long chain. The chain stock rotates and may not be exactly like the chain in the pic.

This piece is available in gold plate and white bronze.

This is an original Blue Bayer exclusive design.  See all my other exclusive key pendants and pieces!

Anthony and I were alter boys together. We had the 7am mass. We would meet at the bottom of cemetery in the wicked cold, smoke hand rolls and trudge up to the cathedral together. Some of the priests were nice, others not.

He was kind of a bad kid I guess, but I really liked him. Like many alter boys, we kidded around about stealing the gold and emerald encrusted chalis and running off to Brazil. We settled for eating the wafers and stealing gulps the holy wine.

One day an old priest arrived for a visit. He spoke only Italian and was really nice to me. He told me my haircut reminded him of the style of the boys in the 1600's. His eyes were very old.

He had a key hidden in his robes that would glint out into view when he sat facing me. To this day, I still don't know how Anthony stole it or what it goes to. I lost track of Anthony, heard he was in Asia.

If you get stopped on the street by a kindly priest with thousand-year-old eyes and he asks you about the key around your neck... You don't know me.

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