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Eye of Protection Locket The Beholder

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $45.00
I hand-sculpted and set this hand-painted glass eye onto a nice little locket. I have been working with this sculpting resin material for 20 years and it is really strong. You can shower with it on. It's really solid. It is not fimo nor sculpty which I find too soft. I like my jewelry to be durable. Each one of these lockets is a little different as I hand build them.

I like to let other happy customers speak for their experience with their purchase of this item :"Great experience!!! Beautiful hand crafted jewelry, excellent communication, and lightening fast shipping with a personal touch. Thanks so much. We'll be backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!" -pinkmartini (6.21.2009)

The locket measures an 1" inch long. The two chambers have an undercut that will hold pictures.

All my items come gift-boxed.

The eye watches out for ill intent and deflects evil, or so the ancients say. More specifically, Mediterranean folk believe(d) that jealousy toward oneself is(was) the cause of bad luck. This symbol wards against this. It was used in particular to protect children from the jealous eye of the passerby. Today the symbol of the eye can be seen though out the Arab world protecting homes,businesses and even taxi cabs.

Thanks for having a look. -Blue

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