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Black Goat Skeleton Key

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $48.00

This completely original skeleton key was hand carved in NYC. It is cast in recycled white bronze ( jeweler's bronze with silver added). It is oxidized black. It's one solid piece and will last for hundreds of years.

The goat key is really unusual. Draping details connect the handsomely carved head to the turned key shaft. There is a pyramid shaped key blade and a goat's hoof that ends the the key shaft.

Specs : the key is 2.57 inches long (6.35 cm) and .83 inches at the widest point ( 2.1 cm ).
The matching 3mm open link gun metal plated steel chain has a a lobster clasp closure and is assembled here to assure quality.

This piece is available in .925 sterling on a 24' silver chain for $130. Please convo me for a listing.

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Now where did this idea come from? Ok to be " Bluetally " honest I was researching Leviticus. Everyone knows the story of the scapegoat. What I didn't know was the history and details surrounding the ritual of sacrificing two goats in the Hebrew ritual. One for god and the other, having the sins of the people placed inside it driven off into the desert. Now, histories and interpretations vary but there was a Djin or desert demon that the people of the area were aware of. They called him Azazel. Pronounced Ah Za Zale. While rabbinical scholars are quick to point out this second goat was not a sacrifice to Azazel, he was part of the reason for the ritual.
I was fascinated to discover that like Prometheus bringing fire to man and like the serpent sharing scared knowledge without permission Azazel ran afoul of the the power structure by teaching man how to make shields and weapons. More interesting for me was his condemnations for showing women how to alter their appearance by using make up AND (get this.... ) how to be more alluring by adorning themselves with jewelry! He taught jewelry classes ? hmm. I was wondering how all my Christian and Orthodox Jewish colleges I do business in the jewelry trade square this.
So Yaweh, having had enough of his bad influence on the people bound and locked him to be held until the end days for final judgement.

As always I will allow you to assign your own meaning to the piece. Here is a link to some reading on Azazel :

Copyright filed with the US copyright office March 2013. Date of first release April 2013. Blue Bayer Design NYC. All rights reserved.

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