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Human Evil Eye adjustable

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $100.00

This is a nice piece of solid sterling silver made here in NYC.

The hand blown, hand painted glass eye is also US made. The original wax ring was carved in-house by Keith Keary of Queens.   The ring is made so that you can adjust it yourself.

This is a redesigned release of this very popular piece. It is cast in pure reclaimed .925 Sterling Silver and hand oxidized to bring out the details. 

I can also set this ring with a green eye for you.  You can see this green eye in my Porthole Pendant here. 

Many Eastern countries have a tradition of using the eye to ward off bad intentions or evil spirited entities. In the west they appear in movies like Beast Master and The Lord of the Rings. There's something universally provocative about the eyeball imagery, and it seems that people are either really into them, or not at all. These rings get attention everywhere they go, especially on the subway; where I catch all the other riders sneaking a glance at The Evil Eye.

These rings are made to order, I "implant" the eyes myself.

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