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Life Sized Bat Skull Antique Silver Plated

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $30.00

"This is gorgeous; I wear it much more often than is probably seemly. Beautiful detail, nicely weighted - I've sent several friends to the shop!"     -ihvpave 

This piece was cast here in NYC and finished here in my studio. This is my exclusive design and the original was sculpted in wax and reworked by master carver Keith Butcher here in NYC.

This bat skull is a cast of a fruit bat. The skull measures 1 and 3/8 inches long and an inch wide. It's cast in NYC in solid white metal and then plated in German Nickel Silver.  It comes on a nice long matching silver plated chain.  The bail in the back is cast as part of the piece so it is solid and strong. The piece is weighty without being too heavy. It is a nice size as well and gets a lot of attention.

I was laying in bed at the cabin in Tennessee this fall and I always keep the windows on the second story open. The sun was just turning the sky a little pink when my new roomate swoop quietly in through the window. He hung upside down from the rafter not quite above my bed. I was glad I was alone so I didn't have to explain that this is perfectly normal.
My neighbor Goat (that's his name) used to light a lantern in the upstairs during moth season. He would play Ride of The Valkyries and watch the bats feast.
So I wasn't too surprised to find he had six bat roomies. He had even put a kitty litter tray below them to catch the guano which is great for the garden.

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