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Silver nail bracelet

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $280.00

 Modeled after an antique blacksmith's nail this solid silver nail bracelet was carved and cast in NYC.
The head is 10mm wide and the nail is a stout 6mm thick. You can wear it with the head up or down. The bracelet can be adjusted with a bit of muscle and patience. I have been wearing one for a while and it's handsome and it's comfortable.

I can make this for you any size. Just measure your wrist and send that info to once you place the order.

Nails like this were handmade by blacksmiths until the advent of large scale nail manufacturing in the 1800's. Here is a link to a great video as to how they were made :

My dad put me on a crew when I was 13. He figured that Sal and Mike would teach me how to work. Sal was Italian and Mike a Greek. I was their " gopher " for three years. I'm sure we violated all sorts of child labor laws but it was really good for me. They had me climbing around scaffolds three stories high in everything from a beer distributor to power plants in the Ohio Valley.
Sal was really particular about doing jobs correctly. At 6'5 here wasn't to be trifled with but he also had the ability to make me laugh so hard I had to lay down.
Once we were framing a wall and he had me pounding nails into 2x4's. I thought four nails was plenty. " What about the fifth nail ? " he asked. " Why ?" " Those four points create a square. " he said. " A triangle is one of the strongest things you can build. " He pounded the fifth nail in with one blow. He took a nub of a pencil from behind his ear and drew two triangles from the center nail. " There, see ? " After he walked away I drew two more off the other points. A week later I saw he had made a check mark above that spot. He never said anything more about it but his approval meant a awful lot to me.
I was climbing around in the woods were I grew up recently and came across the remains of an old shack we had built as kids. There was a piece of old telephone pole we may have used as a beam. It had the five nail pattern in it.

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