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Silver Tree Bark Ring

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $45.00

"BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, fast delivery, great packaging, super fast delivery, amazing!!!"
-lcuturic 9.28.2009

This silver bark ring is made from a cast of real persimmon tree bark. It is 1/8 of an inch wide and cast in blackened polished sterling silver.

I designed this ring to be stackable and you may order multiples. 

We had a crazy amount of rain in Tennessee last spring and when it let up I was out looking for tidbits. I noticed the bark on the standing deadwood was just peeling off.
There was an old persimmon tree that I had gotten fruit from over the years that had died a while back. I carefully peeled a big section of the bark and managed to get it back here to the studio in New York in one piece. The rest is a trade secret.

The old time people say that a persimmon seed cut in half can predict what kind of winter it will be. If the inside is spoon shaped there will be a lot of snow. If it is knife shaped bitter cold and a fork shape means a light dusting of snow but mild.

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