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Skull & Bones Pirate Sword

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $18.00

Now I don't know what the story behind this piece is. It's kind of a mystery. It was sitting on the desk at the casting house and each time I'd be sitting there plotting a new piece I would hold it and look at it.

" You wheely like dat piece Blue?" my caster asked in his thick Baltic accent. " " You noticed." I said smiling. " Where is it from?" " Not sure actually. It's a very old design." he said putting on his thick coke bottle glasses. " Some wary interesting symbol like wunes on der." " What kind of runes?" I wondered aloud. " He smiled. " Not sure. Nothing positive that for sure!"

We cast this in white metal and plate it in antique silver finish. The sword is about 2 3/4 inches long.
Every surface front and back is carved and detailed. The two dragons on the guards are particularly nice.

The Chain is 24 inches long and also silver plate.

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