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Snake Eye Ring

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $95.00

This solid sterling silver adjustable ring was made here in NYC. The hand blown, hand painted glass eye is also US made.   The original wax was carved in house by Keith Keary of Queens,. NY. 

Common through the story of the most recent epoch of the destruction of advanced civilizations is the story of the snake. In both Mayan and Egyptian myth it is the snake that attacked the earth. It has been speculated that a great comet stuck the planet and brought about the fall of the empires that built the great pyramids and the Mayan centers of the new world.

Many Eastern countries have a tradition of using the eye to ward off bad intentions or evil spirited entities.
In the west we have the movies Beast Master and The Lord of the Rings as our traditions. :) There is something universal about the eyeball image. It seems you are into them or not.

This ring gets a lot of attention. It seems to deflect evil pretty well on the subway at 4am too.

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