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Sterling Silver Harpoon Bracelet

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $280.00

 This is a replica of an 18th century whaling harpoon made into a bracelet. It is an original design that was carved, cast and finished as per usual here in NYC USA.

This cuff is adjustable but you will want measure your wrist and let me know. I will customize the size for you.

This piece is cast in solid sterling silver and high polished. It's quite comfortable and really handsome. Don't be swayed by the male model. I think it looks nice on a lady as well.

Engraving : for an additional $30 you may have the bracelet engraved with a name, a phrase or whatever you like. Please contact me and I will make you a special listing.

I was probably 8 or 9 years old when the sea threatened to take my life for the first in a number of times. My father had taken my brother and I to visit a dear friend and business associate in Duxbury Mass who was a life long sailor. He loaded us onto his wooden sailboat for a wonderful adventure sailing to Nantucket. We had a great sail out and spent a day or so there wandering around the historic town. Don ( our host ) told me dark tales of whales knocking over row boats and a famous story of a whale ramming a ship to sink it. The men stuck in the away boats resorted to cannibalism. His family was one of the original Nantucket whaling families. I was captivated and terrified. On the way back we were over taken by a strong Nor'Easter that quickly built to a real North Atlantic storm. At one point my brother and I were tied to the mast as to not lose us. Don, in his rain gear and grey beard was yelling into the wind for us to hang on and laughing all the while. My father seemed to be enjoying it too and if he was scared he didn't let on. We made it back into port after a series of adroit sailing moves. I was exhausted, soaked and exhilarated.

Years later I was reading the book Heart of The Sea by Nathaniel Philibrick. It recounts the fated trip of the whaling ship Essex and the most famous maritime story of the 1800's. It was the story that Don had alluded to all those years ago. There on the ship's register and showing up as a central character in the book was Don's namesake. He had been marooned and been one of the men involved in the aforementioned cannibalism.

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